Monday, November 25, 2019

The Importance of Paper Positioning

Importance of paper positioning:  Position the paper so that it lines up with the elbow of the dominant or writing hand.  The paper position needs to accommodate the writer — NOT the other way around!!  This is one of the most overlooked adjustments for handwriting and one that makes all the difference in comfort and successful writing!  

Please note:  This is one of the most important and easiest accommodations for left-handed writers!  By adjusting the paper to lay diagonally aligned with the left elbow, the blank page remains unobscured by the writing hand.  Too many times the hooked grip divulges the oversight of teaching and implementing this simple and necessary technique.  This basic key deserves utmost emphasis!

Importance of hand grip:  Make sure the writer is using the whole hand in writing, not just fingers and thumb!  Choking up on the pen or pencil can cause painful writer’s cramp as well as making it a tedious chore.  Handwriting is meant to flow.  Writing needs to be fun!

Paper positioning sets children up for success in handwriting!  
Paper positioning supports handwriters of all ages!