Sunday, December 18, 2016

December Greetings

December greetings, 

The why or the how of holiday celebrations are not so important as the core essence of what we do and say and believe.  This year, let’s take the opportunity to acknowledge the people in our lives who mean so much.  Let’s embrace the gifts of the Season of Light and share our gratitude with those around us.

Gratitude is a Gg word, one of its greatest gifts.  Thankfulness is an attitude that precipitates happiness.  When we reflect on the things in our lives that truly fulfill us, we become acutely aware of the people whose presence make our life meaningful.  We remember the greatest gifts are really time spent with family and friends.

Amid the busy holiday schedule, take time to reflect; pick up your pen and write a few g’s — the graceful figure-8 Vimala g’s.  

Best wishes for a Holiday Season filled with friends, family, laughter, and always love.
Alphabetical blessings, Susan 

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