Sunday, January 8, 2017

Resolve to write in 2017

Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, so it is that everyone’s handwriting is unique.  The differences may be subtle, yet they are there in between the lines, in the fine-tuned curves and angles, in a dozen different nuances.  

Cursive writing joins letters within words as the ink and our thoughts flow easily onto the page.  When we write we are actually making an imprint of ourself onto the writing surface.  When we journal attentively, the impulses from hand to brain communicate as well, and we subliminally affirm and reaffirm habitual thinking patterns.  

The Letters of the Vimala Handwriting System™ were created to reflect our most innovative thinking skills and enhance positive, forward-thinking attitudes.  That said, it is meaningless unless we pick up our pens and write them.  I invite you to do just that this year and experience for yourself.

I encourage you to adopt the first initial of your first name (the one that is on your birth certificate — not a nickname) for 2017, and write three lines of that Letter, uppercase and lowercase.  Next write a few lines of words that have your initial as the first letter, the last letter, and a word with it  somewhere in the middle.  This only takes a few minutes, and the reward is so worthwhile.  “What will happen,” you ask.  I don’t know, but this I know for certain — something will happen!  And it will turn your head and your thinking around.  Try it and see what happens.  I would welcome your feedback, please do write and let me know what unexpected and wonderful things ensue.

Alphabetical blessings,

                            ©Susan Govorko - - All rights reserved
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